Internationalization Map

380 Active Partners as of 8 March 2021, 2:16 p.m.

Welcome to the Internationalization Portal of UP!

This internationalization portal facilitates the realization of one of the strategic goals of the University of the Philippines, that is, to achieve operational excellence and administrative efficiency through the implementation and maintenance of “seamless processes” that would enable “higher levels of productivity and sound decision- making based on accurate and real-time information.” It is a product of the eUP which is a flagship project of President Alfredo Pascual’s Administration. The eUP seeks to integrate, harmonize, and interoperate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems and infrastructure across all constituent universities (CUs) of the UP System.

The portal integrates the data on academic agreements, student and faculty mobility and international collaborative activities of the eight constituent units of UP. It provides the general public the list of academic partners of UP in each country of the world and news on various international activities of all UP campuses. Also, it allows colleges and appropriate offices of the university to report their internationalization initiatives online.

The portal is managed by the Office of International Linkages and the respective international office of the each of the eight constituent units of UP.